Together We Can Make A Difference

We all need healthcare at one time or another and here in the Moab region we are fortunate to have access to quality care. Moab Healthcare Foundation was created to support our healthcare services and make them accessible to the entire community. By encouraging community-based philanthropic support for current and future services, Foundation grants can help ensure that residents continue to get top-level care close to home.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Foundation currently supports the following healthcare organizations:

  • Moab Regional Hospital
  • Canyonlands Care Center
  • Grand County Hospice
  • Moab Free Health Clinic
  • Grand County Emergency Medical Services
  • Grand County Search and Rescue

Thoughtful gifts of all sizes enable Moab Healthcare Foundation to meet the ongoing needs of our local healthcare organizations. Your gift to the Foundation will in turn support state-of the-art technology, capital projects, staff, and charity care, all of which are necessary to serve residents and visitors alike with comprehensive, quality healthcare.

You can make a difference!

Our Mission

The Moab Healthcare Foundation is dedicated to supporting local healthcare organizations that provide exceptional care for the residents of the Moab region.

This is accomplished by:

  • Inspiring philanthropy within the greater community.
  • Building extraordinary relationships in support of healthcare excellence, access to care, senior quality of life, and community wellness.
  • Improving healthcare for residents of the Moab region from their first breath to their last.
  • Illuminating lives for generations through secure healthcare options and strong community-based support.

Healthcare that promotes optimum wellness for long-time and new residents and visitors of our thriving, world-class outdoor destination takes resources. With your financial support we can make a difference for the Moab region. Your gifts can be designated to specific organizations or made available to help fill the greatest need.

Help us ensure the financial security of Moab’s healthcare services through charitable giving.

Please Note:

Grand and San Juan County residents seeking treatment for cancer outside of Moab can get help!

Contact the foundation for more information.

Program provided by proceeds raised at the Red Rock Soiree.

We Support:


Moab Regional Hospital

Moab Regional Hospital is a Critical Access Hospital and Level IV Trauma Center with the mission to put patients first, deliver quality, cost-effective healthcare, and to promote wellness to all who are served. By offering financial aid and charity care to patients who qualify, MRH fills a much needed gap in care services to those in need. A full range of healthcare services are offered to the Moab community as well as discounted or free health education sessions and screening tests.

How can you help? Your generous contribution allows more residents of our region to get the care they need in order to become well and lead healthier lives.


Canyonlands Care Center

Providing quality senior care is at the heart of Canyonlands Care Center’s mission. Residents are offered a safe, caring, and comfortable living environment, with a dedicated staff that strives to improve quality of life. Essential services include physical therapy, social work, nursing, and more. By engaging residents in individual and group activities, seniors stay active where possible, and feel like they are part of a community.

With needs ranging from facility expansion for anticipated growth to small everyday items and conveniences, your gift can help ensure an inviting living environment for the seniors of our region.


Grand County Hospice

It takes a special group of dedicated individuals to provide all-encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual end-of-life care. As patients reach the end phases of their lives, doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers work diligently in ways that allow patients to preserve their dignity, and maintain their right of self-determination. This important service also gives families who are facing the death of a loved one the support they need during a stressful, challenging time.

When you give, your donation supports services, medications, and necessary equipment to provide hospice patients with the best possible quality of life through compassionate and comprehensive end-of-life care.

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Additional Healthcare Services

Moab Free Health Clinic

Providing a “safety net” to those in need of accessible and affordable healthcare.

Grand County Emergency Medical Services

Providing life-saving pre-hospital emergency medical care for all.

Grand County Search and Rescue

Tackling diverse wilderness rescue challenges throughout Grand County.



“We appreciate so much your outreach helping people in the community with their health needs.”

Visitors from Lancaster PA

“I would like to send a sincere thank you to the Moab Healthcare Foundation for the much needed and appreciated travel funds for my treatment travel expenses. A big thank you to all involved. ”


“Thank you for your truly sincere loving support through the birth of my mother’s departure. I will value the time I was able to spend with her for the rest of my life. Your aid was an essential contribution toward providing the space for us to focus on giving her, what she needed, when she needed it.”

Family Member of Grand County Hospice Patient

“Living under the poverty line is a daily burden, but your actions have lifted some of that burden from my shoulders. Thank you very much.”

Patient of Moab Regional Hospital